Leggero (Light)


Black Olive Tapenade$Call
with garlic and basil topped with olive oil and mascarpone cheese
roasted cherry tomatoes with garlic and oregano on buffalo ricotta topped with basil
Tuscan Mushrooms$Call
with thyme roasted tomatoes, garlic spinach and warm ricotta
Goat Cheese Truffles$Call
with Paprika, poppy seed and toasted sesame crust on thin crisp
Tarragon Tuna Crudo$Call
with and lemon avocado mouse on thin wonton crisp
Beef Tenderloin Crudo$Call
with truffle, lemon and parmigiano on thin wonton crisp
Smoked Atlantic Salmon$Call
on mini pizzetta with lemon and chive creme fresh, topped with capers, red onion and apple salsa
Prosciutto & Fig Parcels$Call
parma prosciutto with ripe figs
Mini Caprese Bocconcino and Cherry Tomato$Call
satays with basil puree
Endive Salad$Call
with walnuts, stilton blue, dried cranberry and diced apples
Stuffed Mushrooms$Call
baby portobello with garlic thyme and bread crumb crust.

Saporito (Tasty)

Mini Arancini$Call
'Little Oranges' (classic risotto fritters)
Classico with mozzarella, peas and tomato sauce
Lobster with gruyere cheese and saffron aioli
Porcine with thyme, parmigiano and truffle
Polenta Cakes$Call
topped with roasted pepper tapenade, zucchini wrapped white anchovy and melted cheese
Mini Meatball Sliders$Call
with fennel herbs and classic tomato sauce
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes$Call
wrapped in bacon
Ricotta & Spinach Cappelletti$Call
pasta with tomato and basil sauce

Morso Pieno (Full Bite)

French cut Lamb Chops$Call
with garlic herb pesto
Red wine braised Short Rib$Call
martini with truffle mashed potatoes
Porchetta Parfait$Call
with eggplant caponata and garlic mashed potatoes
Bisteca Tagliata$Call
grilled steak and arugula with red pepper and caramelized onion jam
Ribeye Burgers$Call
with pancetta, tomato jam and arugula pesto
with red wine mushrooms and truffle aioli
Lamb Burgers$Call
with mint and gorgonzola, topped with sautéed dandelions and sweet potato puree
Olive Oil poached Sea Scallop$Call
with smoked bacon granola and arugula pesto
Lollypop Chicken Drums$Call
with salsa verde or red pepper romesco
Crab Cakes$Call
with sweet pepper, basil and summer corn

Dessert Spuntini

Stuffed Strawberries$Call
with vanilla honey mascarpone and topped with toasted pistachios
Banana Nutella Spring Rolls$Call
crispy spring rolls stuffed with banana and Nutella cream
Caramel Cheese Cake Cannoli$Call
dulce di leche caramel with cheese cake cream stuffed cannoli shell
mini mason jars of classic Italian tiramisu
Vanilla Creme Brulee$Call
with caramelized sugar glace
Mini Apple Gallet$Call
puff pastry filled with stewed apples, raisins and spices, topped with cinnamon ice cream
Mini Bombe$Call
Italian doughnut stuffed with caramel, crema or Nutella