Summer BBQ Catering


Traditional Potato Salad
with carrot, celery and onion in creamy dressing
La Cantina Potato Salad$Call
with bacon, green onion and herbs in a truffle sour cream dressing
Baby Spinach$Call
with red onion and sliced strawberries in a lemon poppy seed dressing
Garden Salad
with tomatoes and cucumbers, oregano dressing or balsamic dressing
Pasta Salad$Call
with grilled vegetables and basil pesto dressing
Chick Pea Salad
with peppers and mint in lemon honey vinaigrette
Thiros Salad$Call
with cucumber, tomato, red onion, red peppers, Greek olives and feta cheese
Moroccan Couscous salad
with dried fruit, fresh mint and toasted pine nuts
Quinoa Salad$Call
with sun dried tomatoes, spinach, capers and olives with salsa verde
Fruit Salad
Fresh cut apples, pears, oranges, pineapple and melon with citrus honey dressing
Traditional Pasta Salad
with carrot, celery and onion in creamy dressing
Beet and goats cheese salad
with tarragon pesto, pine nuts and olive oil

On the Grill

Hot dogs$Call
(jumbo all beef)
Homemade beef chuck burgers
Whole chicken pieces$Call
garlic and fresh herbs
Marinated skinless chicken breast$Call
Roasted BBQ ribs$Call
with espresso BBQ sauce
Grilled Sausage$Call
sweet or hot
Rib eye steak (thin cut AAA)$Call
with fresh thyme marinade
Striploin steak (1 inch thick cut AAA)$Call
with herb marinade
Lamb chops$Call
with rosemary marinade
Bacon wrapped jumbo shrimp$Call
Shrimp and scallop brioche$Call
with tarragon marinade
Lobster tails$Call
with tarragon lemon garlic butter
Fresh garlic parsley butter PEI mussels$Call
steamed with white wine
Roasted Corn$Call
with sweet chilli butter
Assorted Grilled and marinated vegetables$Call

Condiments and Sides

Basic Selection$Call
Ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayonnaise
Hot peppers
Lettuce, tomatoes and sliced onions
Sliced Cheese
Specialty Selection$Call
Caramelized onions
Roasted red peppers
Truffle mushrooms
Roasted peppers and onions
Rapini with Garlic
Eggplant Sotto olio

Food Stations

Fresh Oyster Bar$Call
includes Shucker, ice, specialty condiments and 120 oysters
Spiducci Bar$Call
Lamb spiducci with salt and chillies includes BBQ, Chef, 250 satays
Additional spiducci
Spiedini Bar$Call
Marinated and Grilled Satays of Beef Tenderloin, Lamb Sirloin, Tiger Shrimp, Chicken breast, and Mushroom Pepper Zucchini

Basic Rentals

Portable Charcoal Spiducci BBQ rental$Call
(includes charcoal)
Portable Large charcoal BBQ rental$Call
(includes charcoal)
Propane gas BBQ rental$Call
All Sizes Available
Tables, Chairs, Linens$Call
Cutlery, Plates and Glassware$Call

Other Services

Beverage Service$Call
  • Basic Non Alcoholic (Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger ale, Sprite, Natural Water with ice and beverage bins)
  • Full Non Alcoholic (Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger ale, Sprite, Orange and Cranberry Juice, Natural Water, Sparkling Water, with Ice and beverage bins)
  • Basic Bar Alcoholic (2 domestic beer selections, red and white wine)
  • Full Bar Alcoholic (Domestic and Imported Beer, Standard Rail or Gin, Vodka, Rye, Rum, Red and White Wine)
Coffee Bar$Call
Espresso Service | Regular Coffee and Tea | Speciality Coffee | Cold Coffee

Staffing available for a minimum 3 hours @ $25 per hour with food purchase